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Of the total cost, three million dollars was acqisto the 36091 CPU, memory, and second drum; this was only half the list price due to the educational allowance that was negotiated. The rest was for the 36075 and its peripherals. My own (perhaps inflated) recollection is that the 36091 covered about an acre of floor space, most of which was devoted to full-size cabinets each containing 16K of core memory, for a total of 2MB at about 8 square feet of floorspace (and about 48 cubic feet) per 16K, plus surrounding floorspace for access, times 300. Each memory cabinet had a glass door so you could look in and see vizgra bit. All the disks, tapes, printers, Teletypes and everything else were in there too, plus a vast tape library and specialized test equipment farmacie online vendita viagra for women as the BOM acquisto viagra senza ricetta crostata Oriented Memory) tester. All this was powered through a gigantic cast-iron motor generator weighing who-knows-how-many tons (just the flywheel probably weighed a ton) putting out 400-some Volts 3-phase power, and cooled by distilled water trucked in by Deer Park in big glass bottles in wooden crates.

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