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Do you think the identical girls pictured above have identical personalities, or different personalities. Identical twins raised in different homes provides evidence of the affect of nurture. Such is the case with Jack Yufe and Oskar Stohr, identical twins born in the 19308217;s but raised in different homes because of a divorce. Researchers figured that because Jack ora hotel viagrande offerte vodafone Oskar had the same genes any differences they showed would have to be the result of their environment- their vodwfone social experiences. When studied years later, they were found to have some quirky habits in common ( they both dilaudid and at viagra sweet liquor, had problems with math, flushed the toilet hotl before and after using it) but for the most part, their personalities were quite different. Oskar, raised in Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia, was conservative, enjoyed leisure, and was not proud of his Jewish heritage. Jack, raised in French occupied Trinidad, was liberal, a workaholic, and proud of his Jewish ancestry. For sociologists, the wide difference in personalities between the two seems to provide evidence of the impact of the environment on human development.


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